It's Tenerife but not as you know it

What makes a couple of middle aged, career civil servants want to step off the promotional ladder; abandon job security, good incomes, friends, family and their cat to move from the UK to a small island off the coast of West Africa?

Looking back, it’s hard to pinpoint that moment when the daydreaming, the alcohol-fuelled conversation and the fantasizing turned the corner between speculation and reality. Like a slow leak, drips had begun to appear in the canvas of our busy lives and as the months passed by, the drips became a dribble, then a trickle and before we fully realised what was happening, we were being carried on a tide of change that washed away everything we had ever known and deposited us in the Canary Islands with no jobs, no income, no prospects and not a clue what anyone was saying.


The Setting

North Tenerife at the foot of Spain's highest mountain.


The Characters

Their world is dominated by an eccentric neighbour who hints at a double life as an espionage agent; the Disney Gang; and a white cat with no tail, an Eric Cantona attitude and a penchant for torture..


The Story

An arrest and a sudden death turn their world upside down and open the door to a series of seemingly unrelated incidents. As Jesus takes up residence in the bottom of the garden and Paradise begins to unravel, the shocking truth is finally uncovered.


“The Banana Road is an engaging and lively account of what it’s really like to up sticks and move to Tenerife. A fascinating cast of characters, both human and animal, make for an entertaining read that will appeal to anyone who’s ever drifted off in the sunshine dreaming of extending their holiday on this subtropical island.”

Helen OchyraAuthor of Scotland Beyond The Bagpipes

'Andrea Montgomery is inspiring, bold and courageous in her life and in her writing. This is a remarkable story, told with wit and warmth. You won't be able to put 'The Banana Road' down once you start it.'

Helen MortAuthor of Black Car Burning

"Discover the Real Tenerife as the author takes you on their day to day escapades living abroad on the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. A must read for those considering a move and new beginning in a foreign unfamiliar country.
A realistic yet witty and fun account of getting settled, meeting the locals and earning a living to survive in this new unchartered territory. The author makes you feel like you're along for the ride, experiencing their journey with them!"

Robert TellierTravel Blogger at

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